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Maid Deka-
Maid Deka - Drama

Title: Maid Deka 2009

Genre: Comedy/Detective

Released: 2009

Country: Japanese

Maid Detective / メイド刑事

Description :

18 year old Aoi Wakatsuki (Saki Fukuda) works as a maid in a huge Kyoto mansion for the wealthy Sengoku family. What others are not aware of is that Aoi is actually working undercover to investigate the death of a former Sengoku maid. Her death was initially ruled a suicide with a suicide note left behind confessing she broke a priceless vase. Inspector Kaido (Ryuuji Harada) isn't convinced the maid committed suicide, especially with the Sengoku family refusing to cooperate. Inspector Kaido then employs his own maid Aoi Wakatsuki to work for the Sengoku family and uncover the truth.

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