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Lupin no Musume Season 2-
Lupin no Musume Season 2 - Drama

Title: Lupin no Musume Season 2 2020

Genre: Action/Comedy/Crime/Family/Romance

Released: 2020

Country: Japanese

ルパンの娘2 / Daughter of Lupin 2 / Rupan no Musume 2 / Lupin's Daughter 2

Description :

Hana and her family of master thieves hides from the world by pretending to be dead. They live at Kazuma’s home. Hana’s father Takeru never stop stealing. Due to that, Kazuma’s father Norikazu gets sick. Hana’s family moves out from Kazuma’s home. Also, Hana and Kazuma move into an apartment together, which is old and small. They finally can live their own lives, which is happy and peaceful, but, Kazuma still has to lie to people that he is single. This is because Hana is supposed to be dead. They get into trouble. ~~ Based on novel "Rupan no Musume" by Dai Yokozeki.

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