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Loving You-
Loving You - Drama

Title: Loving You 1991

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Released: 1991

Country: Korean

Saranghae Dangsineul / I'm Still Loving You / 사랑해 당신을

Description :

Sun-hwa, class valedictorian, is an ordinary girl. One day, a handsome boy, Hyung-jun, is transferred to her class as a teacher's assistant. Sun-wha falls hopelessly in love with him. As class representative and teacher's assistant, they quickly become intimate. As graduation approaches, Sun-hwa proposes to Hyung-jun. Hyung-jun declines, considering their differences. What's more, a beautiful fellow teacher, Jang-mi, has been pursing Hyung-jun as well, becoming Sun-hwa's rival. Sun-hwa has only her father to back her in the fight for her true love, Hyung-jun.

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