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Lover of the Palace (2020)-
Lover of the Palace (2020) - Drama

Title: Lover of the Palace (2020)

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Country: Korean

Lovers at the Palace / 궁궐의연인

Description :

Working as a tour guide at Deoksugung Palace, Bo Ram has settled quite comfortably into her life. With good friends and a job she enjoys, Bo Ram has everything she needs to be happy. With absolutely no need to go looking for anything more in life, Bo Ram is caught completely off-guard, the day she meets Dong Gil. A childhood friend and former classmate, Dong Gil had been one of Bo Ram‘s best friends, growing up. A friend who was there whenever she needed him, and she for him, Bo Ram had treasured their friendship. But as time passed, they faded out of each other’s lives. Now nothing more than a happy memory, Dong Gil was the last person Bo Ram ever expected to meet again. And yet, there he was. A performer at the Palace, Dong Gil is back in Bo Ram’s life and this time he seems interested in being more than just friends.



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