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Lovely Writer (2021)-
Lovely Writer (2021) - Drama

Title: Lovely Writer (2021) 2021

Genre: BL/Drama/Romance

Released: 2021

Country: Thailand

นับสิบจะจูบ / Nubsib / Napsipchachu / Dozens to Kiss / Lovely Writer The Series / Count to Ten to Kiss

Description :

Gene, a writer by profession, is one day given a request by his publisher to try his hand at a new type of genre, which is Boys Love. Accepting this new challenge, Gene writes and publishes a Y novel that is well received and becomes incredibly successful. So successful that it even gets made into a BL drama.

This is the story of how Gene, a popular writer, gets deceived by the 20-year-old guy, Nubsib, who comes to audition for the lead role—pretending to be polite and good-natured when he is a wolf in reality through and through.

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