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Love Revolution (2020)-연애혁명
Love Revolution (2020) - Drama

Title: 연애혁명(Love Revolution (2020), Drama, 2020)

Genre: Childhood/Cold Man/Comedy/Drama/Friendship/Romance/School

Released: 2020

Country: Korean

연애혁명 / Yeonaehyeokmyeong / Yeonaehyeogmyeong / Yunaehyukmyung / Yunaehyugmyung

Description :

The story of the “unique romance” about teenagers navigating love, friendship, and the chaos of high school. The story will focus mainly on Gong Joo Young, a cute and lovable student who falls in love at first sight with the standoffish and popular Wang Ja Rim.

Unwavering in his love for Wang Ja Rim, the confident and cheerful Gong Joo Young isn’t shy about his feelings and is determined to win her heart no matter what. However, despite his gentle, sweet nature when it comes to love, Gong Joo Young is also a steadfast, loyal friend who shows off a tougher and more mature side when his friends need his help.

Adapted from the webtoon of the same name by 232.

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