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Love O'Clock (2021)-
Love O'Clock (2021) - Drama

Title: Love O'Clock (2021) 2021

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Released: 2021

Country: Chinese

Lian Ai Sheng Wu Zhong / Lyun Ngoi Saang Mat Jung / 戀愛生物鐘

Description :

A sweet romance between editor Lu Yun Zhi who has a strict timeline for everything and the quirky He Zhen who is a serious procrastinator.Lu Yun Zhi is the star editor of a publishing house. He takes pride in his flawless working style and cares a great deal about maintaining his public image. While he tries to appear mature, he is just like a child who can feel happy over the smallest compliment and throw a chair in frustration at the smallest mistake. He Zhen is a girl with eccentric ideas. She's turned into a night owl from spending her time writing her novel. Her days and nights are a blur, her life chaotic yet she's the type who doesn't care about appearances. This is the story about the highly disciplined editor and the energetic writer.

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