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Love Behind the Melody (2022)-
Love Behind the Melody (2022) - Drama

Title: Love Behind the Melody (2022) 2022

Genre: Comedy/Historical/Romance

Released: 2022

Country: Chinese

花朝秋月夜 / Hua Zhao Qiu Yue Ye /Flowers towards the night of the autumn moon

Description :

Li Sasa, the chief pipa, played on the stage, and by chance, a phoenix-necked pipa swept her into the grand dynasty a thousand years ago and became an abandoned woman pipa woman. Wandering on the streets of Shangjing, she mistakenly inhabited the Right Sect Fang, and became acquainted with Lu Jingnian, the head of the Right Sect Fang surrounded by yingyan in the mixed city, and the two began to explore and maneuver, and the master passed the move mode. With a full point of "love field" and "piano field" skills, Li Sasa successfully won the chief position of the Right Sect Workshop, and let Lu Jingnian gradually look at it differently. The two joined hands with Xin'er, Yu Shijie and other friends to jointly create the Sheng Dynasty Women's Heavenly Group. In the process, the relationship between the two people continues to spread, and who will confess first when the critical ambiguity is imminent?

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