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Love at First Taste (2022)-
Love at First Taste (2022) - Drama

Title: Love at First Taste (2022) 2022

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Released: 2022

Country: Chinese

Ngoi Joi Seun Chi Gaan / 愛在唇齒間 / Ai Zai Chun Chi Jian

Description :

Alien creatures from the moon have their own abilities. They have undergone a long evolution and reproduction, constantly adapting to the earth's environment, and quietly integrating into human society. They are called: the moon clan. Drama student Tong Xiaoman has only 3 months left to live, but she lingered with Ou Zeye overnight. The arrival of Ou Zeye broke Tong Xiaoman's peaceful life. In the ironic cohabitation life, Tong Xiaoman fell in love with Ou Zeye, but found that he was not a human, but a moon clan. The Moon Clan is no different from ordinary people, but every night of the full moon, they have to endure the "curse that turns into a terrifying bloodthirsty madman.

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