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Lottery Singer-인생역전 뮤직게임쇼 로또싱어
Lottery Singer - Entertainment

Title: 인생역전 뮤직게임쇼 로또싱어(Lottery Singer, Entertainment, 2020)

Genre: Variety

Released: 2020

Country: Korean

Description :

Lottery Singer is a new music, game show where the viewers participate in the show by predicting the result. From the legendary artists from the 80s and 90s to the idol group vocalists, Forty-five singers will make the three teams of fifteen and have fierce competition. The on-site audience will vote for whoever does the best performances. Then, the viewers get access to the official prediction website and choose six people that are likely to get the most votes. Viewers can participate in the guessing games four times - three main events and the final round. With Lottery Singer, you can enjoy the fantastic musical performances and get the chance to hit the jackpot simultaneously.

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