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Little Big Women (2020)-
Little Big Women (2020) - Movie

Title: Little Big Women (2020) 2020

Genre: Drama

Released: 2020

Country: Taiwanese


Description :

Lin Xiu Ying is a well-known restaurant owner in Tainan. After her husband left home silently, she relied on selling shrimp rolls and raised her three daughters alone. The eldest daughter A Qing is an international dancer, the second daughter Ayu is a plastic surgeon in Taipei, and the youngest daughter Jia Jia takes over her restaurant business. Seeing that all the hardships are about to come to an end, Xiu Ying received the bad news about her husband's death on the day of her 70th birthday. While preparing for the funeral for her husband, she unexpectedly met another woman who accompanied her husband through old age.

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