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Like Stars on Earth-
Like Stars on Earth - Movie

Title: Like Stars on Earth 2007

Genre: Family/School/School Life

Released: 2007

Country: Indian

Taare Zameen Par / Star on Earth

Description :

A young boy prone to colorful flights of fancy finds his hyperactive imagination may serve a greater purpose after being sent away to boarding school by his frustrated parents. Ishaan Awasthi is an eight-year-old boy who dedicates more time to dreaming up wondrous worlds of animals and kites than he does to finishing up his schoolwork. When Ishaan gets in trouble at school and his parents reach the end of their rope, it's quickly decided that the best thing for everyone is to send the boy away to a school where he can be properly disciplined. Upon arriving at his new school, Ishaan is disheartened to find that things

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