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Light For the Youth (2020)-젊은이의 양지
Light For the Youth (2020) - Movie

Title: 젊은이의 양지(Light For the Youth (2020), Movie, 2020)

Genre: Drama/Tragedy

Released: 2020

Country: Korean

젊은이의 양지 / 청소년을위한 빛 / Jeolmeunieui Yangji

Description :

A young man works at the bond collection call center. He is polite, pure and sincere at a glance. On the other hand, the director of the center is not. The director's daughter is having a hard time preparing for a job. Light for the Youth revolves around these people. At the beginning of the movie, the young man and the director of the center seem to meet each other accidentally on the rooftop, a resting place, and easily succeed in communicating regardless of the difference in rank. However, a big incident soon happens to the young man who visited a house to collect bonds, and the situation quickly falls into a state of thrill and tragedy.

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