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Lenses on Her Heart-
Lenses on Her Heart - Movie

Title: Lenses on Her Heart 2018

Genre: Drama/life/Romance

Released: 2018

Country: Japanese

きらきら眼鏡 / Twinkle Twinkle Glasses / Kirakira Megane / Twinkle Glasses

Description :

Akemi suffers from a sense of loss after his cat dies. He decides to buy a used book and discovers a business card inside the book. The phrase of the book, which touched Akemi, has been underlined. Akemi becomes curious about the person Akane from the business card. He decides to contact her and they meet. Akane is a woman with a bright personality and Akemi develops feelings for her, but they are both in relationships. Akemi is dating Yayoi and Akane is dating Yuji. Akane's boyfriend Yuji doesn't have much time left to live

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