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Legend of Ace-
Legend of Ace - Drama

Title: Legend of Ace

Genre: Comedy/Fantasy/Historical/Romance

Country: Chinese

Ji Pin Jia Ding / Gik Ban Ga Ding / Tian Xia Di Yi Ding / Tin Haa Dai Jat Ding / 極品家丁 / 天下第一丁

Description :

The story follows 21st-century man Lin Wan Rong who is touring around Mount Tai when he accidentally falls into a dark space, transferring him to a parallel world, existing at the same time as the Song dynasty. In this world, many historical facts are in contrary to what is written in historical books. For instance, Xiang Yu defeated Liu Ban at the Battle of Gaixia and never committed suicide, as a result. While he’s described as smart and generous, he also enjoys joking and playing around as much as the next person. Using his economics wits, modern knowledge, and a whole layer of thick skin, he’s able to rise to become a lord of his own. However, with money and power, he inadvertently gets entangled in a power struggle between the royal members and somehow finds himself leading a troop to war.

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