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Leave Me Alone-
Leave Me Alone - Movie

Title: Leave Me Alone 2004

Genre: Action/Comedy

Released: 2004

Country: Hong Kong

Description :

When Yiu Chun-Kit faces troubles being unable to pay off his debt to a loan shark King, he arrives from Thailand to Hong Kong to pay a visit to his twin brother Yiu Chun-Man hoping to find some help. When Chun-Kit needs to take a drive, Chun-Man lends him his car, ID card and driving license, but things become complicated when Chun-Kit gets in a serious car accident and falls into coma. Now brothers can’t exchange their identities back, so Chun-Man has to deal with Chun-Kit’s debt in Thailand while Chun-Kit has to deal with Chun-Man’s boyfriend in Hong Kong.

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