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Koi Suru Hong Kong (Beloved Hong Kong)-
Koi Suru Hong Kong (Beloved Hong Kong) - Drama

Title: Koi Suru Hong Kong (Beloved Hong Kong) 2017

Genre: Drama/Romance

Released: 2017

Country: Japanese

恋する香港 / Koisuru Hong Kong / Koi Suru Hongkong / Love and Hong Kong / Love in Hong Kong

Description :

Yamada Kenta is a director filming a documentary, who chases after a Japanese talent Elie in Hong Kong with assistant director Hirakawa Aya. However, while they are filming, Elie gets spirited away by a local called Daniel. Amid the chaos, Kenta meets Maki. Maki has come from Japan to meet a man whom she had been communicating with on a Hong Kong matchmaking website although they still have not seen each other.Meanwhile, Daniel realises that he has mistaken Elie for his girlfriend. In fact, Maki lacks self-confidence and had used an image of Elie as her icon, leading Daniel to assume that Elie is the person he had been wanting to meet the whole time when he saw her. These five people who have never had any connection, meet through this incident and rush through the streets of Hong Kong towards an unexpected goal.

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