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KO One (2005)-
KO One (2005) - Drama

Title: KO One (2005) 2005

Genre: Action/Comedy/Fantasy/Friendship/Romance

Released: 2005

Country: Taiwanese

Chung Chi Yi Pan / Zhong Ji Yi Ban / Ultimate Class / 终极一班 / Zhong Ji Yi Ban / 終極一班

Description :

KO One is a class designed especially for the delinquents and rejects that other high schools would not accept. Even so, everyone in the class is loyal to the leader, Da Dong (KO.3), and would die for friends. Tied for #3, Ya Se, and #4, Xiao Yu soon joins the class. Out of some fortuitous events, their lives become tied together and they become best buddies. Another student, Lei Ke Si, who had been gone for a whole semester, rejoins the class. Although Lei Ke Si seems like a weak kid with only good intentions, Ya Se suspects he is KO.2 because legend say #1 and #2 are capable of concealing their true identities. At the same time, incidents start to occur and the culprit always leads to Ya Se. Is Ya Se wrongly accused? Will the class be able to stand the politics or will it be driven apart?

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