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Kiss Sixth Sense (2022)-키스식스센스
Kiss Sixth Sense (2022) - Drama

Title: 키스식스센스(Kiss Sixth Sense (2022), Drama, 2022)

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Fantasy/Miniseries/Novel/Romance/Supernatural/Workplace

Released: 2022

Country: Korean

키스식스센스 / Kiseusigseusenseu / Kiss Six Sense / Sixth Sense Kiss

Description :

About a character named Ye Sul who can see the future when she kisses someone. One day, she accidentally kisses the neck of her boss Cha Min Hoo and sees them in bed together in the future.

Adapted from the web novel "Kiss Sixth Sense" (키스식스센스) by Gatnyeo (갓녀).

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