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Kim Goo Ra's Latte 9 (2022)-Kim Gu-ra's Latte9
Kim Goo Ra's Latte 9 (2022) - Entertainment

Title: Kim Gu-ra's Latte9(Kim Goo Ra's Latte 9 (2022), Entertainment, 2022)

Genre: Variety

Released: 2022

Country: Korean

김구라의 라떼9 / Kimguraui Latte 9 / Kim Goo Ra’s Latte 9 / Kim Gu Ra's Latte 9 / Kim Gu Ra’s Latte 9

Description :

Kim Gu-ra's Latte9 is an entertaining raking show discovering exciting stories from the past. In every episode, Kim introduces a series of surprising and absurd happenings related to the weekly topic. The young generation can enjoy the fascinating stories, while the older generation can go on a trip to a memory lane.

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