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Keshite Mane Shinaide Kudasai-
Keshite Mane Shinaide Kudasai - Drama

Title: Keshite Mane Shinaide Kudasai 2019

Genre: Comedy/Friendship/Romance

Released: 2019

Country: Japanese

Kesshite Mane shinaide kudasai. / Please Never Manage / Ketsumane / 決マネ

Description :

Kakeda Satoshi is a student of an engineering college’s department of science and engineering. He has been fascinated by since since his childhood and is an oddball who gets engrossed only in what he is interested in. Kakeda has shown no interest in love even after he got into college. Because he seeks a scientific understanding for everything, he is not one for romances which he cannot theorise. Kakeda is in love with Iijima-san, an older girl in the school cafeteria. Her bravery in putting out a small fire in the cafeteria with a fire extinguisher stole his heart. Will Kakeda succeed in love?

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