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Kawa no Hotori de (2021)-
Kawa no Hotori de (2021) - Drama

Title: Kawa no Hotori de (2021) 2021

Genre: Comedy

Released: 2021

Country: Japanese

川のほとりで / On the Banks of the River / Kawanohotoride

Description :

Toshi-chan and BB live in a hut with a blue sheet on the banks of the Tama River. Having lived there for several years, they are familiar with the area. The two of them gather cans across town from 4 am in the morning and sleep at 7 pm in order to save money on electricity at night. While they do not have substantial income, they are not particularly concerned about money. They are carefree each day and take pride in being homeless men who can support themselves. Nao, a young female actress from a small theatre company, visits Toshi-chan and BB one day. She is playing a heroine who has a grand romance with the leader of homeless men in her next performance and asks to interview them. This is the beginning of a long night for the trio…

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