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Kansatsui Asagao 2-
Kansatsui Asagao 2 - Drama

Title: Kansatsui Asagao 2 2020

Genre: Drama/Family/Investigation/Mystery

Released: 2020

Country: Japanese

監察医 朝顔2 / Inspector Doctor Morning Glory 2 / Medical Examiner Asagao 2 / Asagao: Forensic Doctor 2

Description :

Asagao continues her work as a forensic scientist at a university forensic medicine class in Kanagawa Prefecture. Her father Taira and her husband Shinya are busy with their work as detectives. Her daughter Tsugumi insists on having a younger sibling. Asagao spends ordinary days with her family, but, due to a reason, Asagao visits the Tohoku Region alone to find her mother’s dead body.~~ Adapted from the manga "Kansatsui Asagao" by Masahito Kagawa (writer) & Naomi Kimura (illustrator).

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