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Kadee Rak Kham Pop-
Kadee Rak Kham Pop - Drama

Title: Kadee Rak Kham Pop 2020

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Released: 2020

Country: Thailand

Love Case Across Worlds

Description :

Puncha is an investigator and met Dunchaya who happens to be the suspect in poisoning a victim by being the one who made the food. Because of fear, she ran away and Tao chased her. They were in a boat and strange things happen leading them to two crossed back to 1913. Puncha had to temporarily stop investigations into the case of Dunchaya, and they were looking for a way back together, but the two were accidentally involved in a murder case. Looking for a way to get back from the present time, the two investigated the case but the matter was not as simple as the leads thought, many killed in a row and they have to find who is doing it

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