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Juvenile Offender-범죄소년
Juvenile Offender - Movie

Title: 범죄소년(Juvenile Offender, Movie, 2012)

Genre: Arthouse/Coming of age/Drama/Teen

Released: 2012

Country: Korean

Description :

16-year-old Jang Ji-Gu (Seo Young-Joo) takes care of his ill grandfather, while he hangs out with other troubled kids. He was abandoned by his parents at an early age. After another run in with the law, Jang Ji-Gu is sent to a detention center. One day, Jang Ji-Gu hears that his mother Hyo-Seung (Lee Jung-Hyun) has come for him at the detention center. Hyo-Seung had Jang Ji-Gu at the age of 17 and gave him up soon after birth. Can they repair their relationship?

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