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Jinsei Saiko no Okurimono-
Jinsei Saiko no Okurimono - Drama

Title: Jinsei Saiko no Okurimono 2021

Genre: Drama/life

Released: 2021

Country: Japanese

人生最高の贈りもの / The Best Gift of My Life / Greatest Gift of Life

Description :

Ryosuke lives in a small house in Toshima, Tokyo. Since his wife died, he has adjusted to living alone. He used to teach at a university and he now works as a translator. Meanwhile, Ryosuke has one child, Yuriko. She is married to Shigeyuki, who works as a teacher. Yuriko and Shigeyuki live in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture. One day, Yuriko visits her father Ryosuke without advance notice. Ryosuke is surprised by her sudden visit. Yuriko doesn't give any reason for the visit. Ryosuke only learns that Yuriko isn't sure how long she will stay. They haven't talked as father and daughter in a long time. They begin to live together in a nervous, but warm atmosphere.



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