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Jian Xing Tian Xia (2007)-
Jian Xing Tian Xia (2007) - Drama

Title: Jian Xing Tian Xia (2007) 2007

Genre: Historical/Wuxia

Released: 2007

Country: Hong Kong

大汉英雄 / Da Han Ying Xiong / Han Dynasty Heroes / 剑行天下

Description :

Guo Jie is a wandering martial arts master who would rather roam free as a plain-clothed citizen than be tied down by a position in the imperial court. He, along with Wei Qing, Huo Qu Bing, Li Gan, et al., are famous heroes of the Han dynasty. No thanks to some despicable individuals each with their own selfish motives, Guo Jie and his friends unwillingly become entangled in a quest involving Fa Shu and Xin Shu, two mysterious, but powerful manuscripts.

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