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It's Boring Here, Pick Me Up-
It's Boring Here, Pick Me Up - Movie

Title: It's Boring Here, Pick Me Up 2018

Genre: Drama/School

Released: 2018

Country: Japanese

ここは退屈迎えに来て / It's Boring Here Pick Me Up

Description :

I got a job in Tokyo, but after 10 years she went back to her hometown. Now, I is 27-years-old and lives with her parents. Even though she works as a freelance writer, her parents treats her as a freeter. She meets her friends from her high school days. Using her courage, she contacts Shiina-kun who was the top player on their high school soccer team. She admired since high school.

Meanwhile, I admire life in Tokyo and is afraid of life in Tokyo. She still lives in her hometown. She can't forget her ex-boyfriend Shiina-kun. After she broke up with Shiina-kun, she hangs out with a man who she does not like. She is obsessed with memories of her happy moments with Shiina-kun.

In order to relieve their boredom, I and I want Shiina-kun.

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