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Instinct (1994)-
Instinct (1994) - Drama

Title: Instinct (1994) 1994

Genre: Business/Crime/Drama/Family

Released: 1994

Country: Hong Kong


Description :

Wong Tin (Adam Cheng) is an all-powerful tycoon in town. While he is the one who stirs things up, he is also the only one who can settle them. Bao Man Lung (Ekin Cheng) sees Tin as his mentor as well as his friend. He is truthful with and loyal to Tin, yet he is bruised all over in the end! Poon Long Ching (Roger Kwok) worships Tin. His is determined to get rich and famous, by fair means or foul. Nevertheless, he ends up being used by Tin's enemy to fight against Tin.

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