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Innocence: Fight Against False Charges-
Innocence: Fight Against False Charges - Drama

Title: Innocence: Fight Against False Charges 2019

Genre: Drama/Law/Mystery

Released: 2019

Country: Japanese

Description :

This work is a human drama that attorney, Taku Kurokawa challenges reversal play with weapons, passion, and science as a weapon to cause "miracle" to clear false charges. Kurokawa who plays Sakaguchi actively opposes fake crime defense, which is said to be impossible, reproduces the events that occurred on the scene in an experiment and tries to elucidate the incident. In addition, Naoki Fujiki appears as a new American lawyer, Kazuaki Wakakura who is swayed by the pioneer, Haruna Kawaguchi , a scientist who lends power to Taku, Kyoichiro Akiro .

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