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Illusion Apartment-
Illusion Apartment - Movie

Title: Illusion Apartment 2010

Genre: Horror

Released: 2010

Country: Chinese

異度公寓 (Yi Du Gong Yu)

Description :

Meizi is a famous mystery writer, who witnessed her scandal-ridden father killing her mother when she was a child. She suffered greatly as a child. After marriage, Meizi found that her husband, Luo Tiancheng, was always with other women, and therefore she was crushed. At the same time, some unusual things happened in her home continuously. Doors always shut suddenly, televisions automatically turned on, curtains often closed by themselves. Although she is a mystery writer, Meizi could not explain these things. When she successfully captured her husband's heart and kept his mistress away, she realised that the truth was out of her expectation

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