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I Was a Car - Winter Story-나는 차였어 - 겨울이야기
I Was a Car - Winter Story - Entertainment

Title: 나는 차였어 - 겨울이야기(I Was a Car - Winter Story, Entertainment, 2020)

Genre: Variety show

Released: 2020

Country: Korean

I Was a Car 2 / I Was a Car Season 2 / Naneun Chayeosseo 2 / Naneun Chayeosseo Sijeun 2 / Naneun Chayeosseo - Gyeouliyagi / Naneun Chayeosseo - Gyeouriyagi / 나는 차였어 - 겨울이야기

Description :

Does summer come to your mind when you think of camping? Actually, the true season for camping is winter! The real campers prepared a year to go car camping in winter. From eating a nice meal in front of a warm campfire to the tranquility of the night, they prepared a fantastic course where you can feel the romance and be healed. All camping beginners gather here if you want to enjoy winter car camping properly which will give you a coziness in the harsh cold! You'll be able to get great tips as well as the items you'd need for the winter camping that haven't been introduced in the previous season.

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