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I Fine Thank You Love You-
I Fine Thank You Love You - Movie

Title: I Fine Thank You Love You 2014

Genre: Comedy

Released: 2014

Country: Thailand

Description :

Pleng is a charming and beautiful English tutor. Her ordinary life takes an unexpected turn when she is asked a favor by one of her students to help dump her Thai boyfriend named Gym. Unfortunately, Gym doesn’t understand English so Pleng’s student records her voice message and asks Pleng to translate her message to him.When Gym realizes that he is being dumped, he pins blame on Pleng for his girlfriend leaving him being that Pleng taught his girlfriend the English to pass her US job interview. It is at that moment Gym persuades Pleng to teach him English too, hoping to go to the US to reconcile with his girlfriend. Pleng has reservations but agrees.

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