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Hot Blooded Detective (2020)-열혈형사
Hot Blooded Detective (2020) - Movie

Title: 열혈형사(Hot Blooded Detective (2020), Movie, 2020)

Genre: Comedy/Investigation

Released: 2020

Country: Korean


Description :

The strongest punk detective in the police station who investigates with his mouth more than theory, 'Dong-min', is appointed to the investigation department just when he was about to become successful in his career. He is sad to be appointed, however, he will be having a joint investigation with a straightforward FM detective 'Mong-heo' (Janska), in charge of a case that involves a missing model. As the investigation progresses, 'Dong-min's instincts awaken and realizes that it was not just a case of a missing person. It couldn't get any better! A comical, slapstick combi investigation begins!

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