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Heartbeat (Thai 2019)-
Heartbeat (Thai 2019) - Movie

Title: Heartbeat (Thai 2019) 2019

Genre: Comedy/Friendship/Romance

Released: 2019

Country: Thailand

ฮาร์ทบีท เสี่ยงนัก...รักมั้ยลุง / Heartbeat เสี่ยงนัก...รักมั้ยลุง

Description :

After his girlfriend passed away, Chai closes himself off from others and remains in his comfort zone. One day, he comes across a rubik’s cube with a message that has been left behind by his girlfriend, asking him to solve it. Determine to uncover the meaning behind the rubik’s cube, Chai travels to Chiang Mai and meets Namwhan, the daughter of the guesthouse’s owner. After finding out the purpose of his visit, Namwhan volunteers to help him. Despite the age gap and completely different lifestyles, the young and carefree Namwhan has managed to bring Chai out of his shell and made him do things that he never considered doing before.

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