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Hashima Project Mai Chua Tong Loblou-
Hashima Project Mai Chua Tong Loblou - Movie

Title: Hashima Project Mai Chua Tong Loblou 2013

Genre: Drama/Horror

Released: 2013

Country: Thailand

ฮาชิมะ โปรเจกต์ ไม่เชื่อ ต้องลบหลู่

Description :

Hashima Island was once the most densely populated island but has been a ghost island since 1974. A group of teenagers will now step foot on this island to capture paranormal encounters on tape. On the island, the teenagers are thrilled as they explore. However, their excitement is short-lived. They realize something ominous is creeping up on them and the hair-raising truth unveils through the lens of the camera.

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