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Haru: Sogo Shosha no Onna-
Haru: Sogo Shosha no Onna - Drama

Title: Haru: Sogo Shosha no Onna 2019

Genre: Business/Comedy/Romance

Released: 2019

Country: Japanese

ハル〜総合商社の女〜 / Haru: Woman of a General Trading Company / Haru: Sougou Sousha no Onna

Description :

Single mother Umihara Haru was active in the American business community until she was directly headhunted by the CEO of Itsuki Trading, a leading Japanese general trading company, and returned to Japan. She takes up the position of assistant manager of the elite Corporate Planning Department but her direct superior turns out to be the ex-husband whom she divorced 10 years ago. From ramen to rockets, Haru takes on all sorts of problems within Itsuki Trading’s enormous departments and affiliate companies. She proclaims that she wants to enjoy work and does things that defies common wisdom amid an atmosphere of paralysis due to a conservative deputy CEO.

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