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Happiness of Iberia (2020)-
Happiness of Iberia (2020) - Movie

Title: Happiness of Iberia (2020) 2020

Genre: Drama

Released: 2020

Country: Chinese


Description :

Introverted Tata lives with his father, grandmother, and younger sister in a mysterious and bizarre village that depends on goat milk for its livelihood. Tata is in love with Heroine, the eccentric driver of a goat milk factory, who dreams of becoming a movie star. Heroine fails to join a film-shooting expedition to the city. Tata wants desperately to help her realize her dream, but lacks the means. Heroine hears about a place called Iberia and decides to make a trip there for a party, in the hope of gaining stardom. After she leaves, Tata, with only his donkey to keep him company, becomes even lonelier. Before her departure, Heroine tells Tata a village secret related to goat milk.

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