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Happiness Chocolate-
Happiness Chocolate - Drama

Title: Happiness Chocolate 2018

Genre: Family/Romance

Released: 2018

Country: Chinese

Xing Fu Qiao Ke Li / 幸福巧克力

Description :

Duan Tianle heir to family riches tries to evade a match making attempt and took refuge in America only to have his purse strings cut. There he met Zhong Kuan Kuan a chocolatier who runs a struggling business whilst having to grapple with her father's gambling addiction. After free loading in her home, Duan Tianle is forced to return home to Shenzhen but later found his way back to America in pursuit of his love, the rich girl whom he was supposed to meet initially. Despite his dashing good looks, he was rejected but found a renewed bond with Zhong Kuan Kuan, who by now has attracted a new admirer. A turn of fortune forces Kuan Kuan and her father to return to China for a fresh start. Will their relationship turn out to be more than just friends once they return?

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