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Good Morning (2022)-안녕하세요
Good Morning (2022) - Movie

Title: 안녕하세요(Good Morning (2022), Movie, 2022)

Genre: Drama/life

Released: 2022

Country: Korean

안녕하세요 / Annyeonghaseyo / Annyeonhaseyo / Hello

Description :

A humane drama about the various stories that occur at a hospice ward in which a young girl named named Soo Mi is waiting for death. Soo Mi, who is abandoned at birth and has no one in life she can depend on. After gritting her teeth and fighting for her own survival, she begins to find a little bit of hope and growth. Seo Jin, an unmarried mother who misses her daughter. She lost her daughter five years ago and works as a volunteer at the hospice ward to recover from her grief. In Soo, an old man who is studying Hangeul in order to lear how to express himself before his imminent death.

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