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Go Away, Ultramarine-
Go Away, Ultramarine - Movie

Title: Go Away, Ultramarine 2019

Genre: Action/Drama/Mystery/Sci-fi/Youth

Released: 2019

Country: Japanese

いなくなれ、群青 / Inakunare Gunjo / Inakunare Gunjou / Go Away Ultramarine / Ai Uta / Inakunare Gunjou / Cheer Boys!!

Description :

Set on mysterious Kaiden Island where abandoned people arrive. Nanakusa (Ryusei Yokohama) and Yuu Manabe (Marie Iitoyo) were childhood friends. Now, they are high school students and they meet again on Kaidan Island. They get involved in various cases.

Movie is based on Kono Yutaka's novel about two childhood friends in a remote island – an island for discarded people.

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