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Forget Me Not Cafe 1-
Forget Me Not Cafe 1 - Entertainment

Title: Forget Me Not Cafe 1

Genre: Business/Food

Country: Chinese

Forget Me Not Cafe Season 1 / Wang Bu Liao Can Ting 1 / Wang Bu Liao Can Ting Di Yi Ji / Mong Bat Liu Chaan Teng Dai Yat Gwai / 忘不了餐厅 1 / 忘不了餐厅 第一季 / 忘不了餐厅 第1季 / 忘不了餐廳第一季 / 忘不了餐厅第一季

Description :

A few celebrities come together to guide a few elderly who has dementia, in opening a restaurant. They face difficulties, but eventually overcome it, and there are times that warm our hearts, when the elderly perseveres to overcome their dementia.



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