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Fluttering Warning-설렘주의보
Fluttering Warning - Drama

Title: 설렘주의보(Fluttering Warning, Drama, 2018)

Genre: Romance

Released: 2018

Country: Korean

설렘주의보 / 心動警報 / Seolremjoouibo / Love Watch / Love Alert / Thunderstorm Watch / Heart Flutter Watch / Fluttering Alert

Description :

A dermatologist, Cha Woo Hyun is extremely popular with women, but he doesn’t have much interest in dating. Yoon Yo Jung is a famous actress, who hasn’t been able to date another man since rumors started to spread 15 years ago. By mere coincidence, they decide to establish a contract in which they decide to “pretend” to others that they are dating and in love with each other.

Adapted from the a popular web novel of the same title by Seo Han Kyul

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