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Female Tazza (2021)-여타짜
Female Tazza (2021) - Movie

Title: 여타짜(Female Tazza (2021), Movie, 2021)

Genre: Crime/Drama

Released: 2021

Country: Korean

여타짜 / Yeotajja

Description :

Mimi started to gamble, dreaming of turning her life around. One night, she loses her family in front of her eyes in an unknown attack from an unidentified assailant.

Mimi who obtained a poker card found at the scene of the crime, recognized that it is a card exclusively used in the house gambling board that is secretly operated after asking around. She enters the gambling house.

The ordinary life of Mimi is completely turned around by meeting the mysterious gambler Ozawa in a place where only prominent players gather.

In a poker game where nothing can be predicted, the two go through the biggest crisis of their lives and jump into a huge plate where their lives come and go...

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