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Fan Heart Attack Idol TV-팬심공략 아이돌TV
Fan Heart Attack Idol TV - Entertainment

Title: 팬심공략 아이돌TV(Fan Heart Attack Idol TV, Entertainment, 2017)

Genre: Friendship/Music

Released: 2017

Country: Korean

팬심공략아이돌TV / 팬심공략 아이돌 TV / Fan Heart Attack Idol /

Description :

What can’t your favorite idol groups do? “Fan Heart Attack Idol TV” is a web variety show that challenges idol groups to carry out different missions and show a new side of themselves to their fans. The series is a mobile entertainment collaboration between Korea and China. The 10 episodes, which originally aired in 2016, featured the members of the idol groups BTOB, Lovelyz, MONSTA X, B.A.P, B1A4, Cosmic Girls, VIXX, ASTRO, CLC and UP10TION.

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