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Fah Mee Tawan (2020)-
Fah Mee Tawan (2020) - Drama

Title: Fah Mee Tawan (2020) 2020

Genre: Drama/Revenge/Romance

Released: 2020

Country: Thailand

ฟ้ามีตะวัน / The Sky Has the Sun / Blue Sun / As Long As The Sky Has the Sun

Description :

Paul hates Net, the woman who harmed and took the position of his mother, kicked her out of the house causing her to die in pain. 20 years later, Paul returns and finds Net owns the jewelry company owned by him. In revenge, Paul deliberately seduces Net. But Paul falls in love with Naen, the girl Net raised at the suggestion of Paul's father, although she doesn't love Naen. Singkorn is Net's lover, but he has plans for Naen. Singkorn has known Naen for many years and has never given up on his intentions to Naen, which makes Naen feel very awkward.

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