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Eternal First Love-
Eternal First Love - Movie

Title: Eternal First Love 2010

Genre: Drama/Fantasy/Romance

Released: 2010

Country: Japanese

恋するナポリタン 世界で一 / Koi Suru Napolitan - Seekai De Ichiban Oishii Aisarekata

Description :

Takeshi (Takashi Tsukamoto), an Italian restaurant chef, and Ruri (Saki Aibu) could have been lovers, but Takeshi was too comfortable with their current relationship that he chose to stay best friends with her. Now, Ruri is engaged to another man and Takeshi is deep in regret. He runs through the night of Tokyo to tell her his true feelings before it's too late, but right as he stands in front of Ruri, an unfortunate accident takes his life away. However, a twist of fate brings them back together once again in an ironic situation. "Eternal First Love" unfolds as a bittersweet story of an everlasting "first love."

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