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ENHYPEN Debut Show: Day One-
ENHYPEN Debut Show: Day One - Entertainment

Title: ENHYPEN Debut Show: Day One

Genre: Variety show

Country: Korean

ENHYPEN Debut Showcase / 엔하이픈 데뷔 쇼 : 첫날

Description :

After surviving the rigorous challenges they faced during the survival reality program, “I-LAND”, the winners have come together to create a K-Pop idol group like no other. After months of preparation, Jungwon, Jay, Jake, Ni-ki, Heeseung, Sunghoon, and Sunoo are ready to make their official debut as the seven members of the globally adored group, ENHYPEN.Guided by the same company that brought the world BTS and TXT, ENHYPEN has already set unprecedented pre-debut records, amassing a global following that reaches into the millions. With fans around the world anxiously waiting, the time has come for these seven talented artists to show the world what they’ve got. In an incredible showcase of talent, BELIFT LAB’s rookies are ready to take the world by storm! The highly anticipated debut of the global K-Pop sensation, ENHYPEN, “ENHYPEN DEBUT SHOW : DAY ONE” is a 2020 variety program produced by CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment.

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