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Drunk in Good Taste-#좋맛탱: 좋은 맛에 취하다
Drunk in Good Taste - Drama

Title: #좋맛탱: 좋은 맛에 취하다(Drunk in Good Taste, Drama, 2018)

Genre: Comedy/Food/Friendship/life/Romance/Web Series/Youth

Released: 2018

Country: Korean

#좋맛탱: 좋은 맛에 취하다 / #Jotmattaeng: Joeun Masse Chwihada / #Have a nice Dessert! / Have a Nice Dessert!

Description :

Chong Nam begins her first year at a university in Seoul. She came from South Chungcheong Province to attend the university. She loves eating desserts. Yeon Nam is a first year student at the same university. They also study the same major. Chong Nam and Yeon Nam become friends and develop romantically.

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