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Drawing Sword 3 (2020)-
Drawing Sword 3 (2020) - Drama

Title: Drawing Sword 3 (2020) 2020

Genre: Action/life/Military/Romance/War

Released: 2020

Country: Chinese

亮剑3之雷霆战将 / 雷霆战将 / 亮剑之雷霆战将 / Lei Ting Zhan Jiang / Bright Sword 3 / Warrior of Thunder / Thunder Warlord / Bright Sword 3: The Lightning General / Drawing Sword 3: The Lightning General

Description :

A legendary wartime epic that covers Wang Yunshan's relentless battles in both love and war.

Wang Yunshan is the leader of the Eighth Route Army Regiment. Although uneducated and has a hot temper, he possess extraordinary military mind. He dared to fight hard, was good at making strange strategic moves, hiting amd winning against the Japanese army.

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